Oh! The Places You Cook!


I have missed y’all! Its been busy, even today I attend the Atlanta Public School After-School Exchange Program with C.H.O.I.C.E.S. We were meeting schools who received a grant for after-school programs. I made some Zoey’s Kidz Trail Mix & Strawberry & Banana Peanut Butter Wrap.  Today was just one of my many busy days between my prepping  mise-en-place and setting up at the event. So this month has to be one for the record books…

  • $150K+ Kitchen for a luncheon…just the greatest playground ever! Was in the movie Temptation by Tyler Perry.
  • Won a contest to try some food from Cuisine Solutions: Taste Debate
  • Catering and growing my client base
  • Preparing for Let’s Move! DeKalb on July 2

I am so happy to see where Keyes In The Kitchen is growing! I can’t believe what God has next for us. At the house I catered at we did a Sliders Trio, with Salmon, Chicken & Bison. My favorite was the Chicken! It was the first time working with Bison. I was afraid it would be to dry. The kitchen I played in was all white had a combo of gas & electric! Didn’t have to worry about refrigerator or freezer space because it was 3 levels! I was truly in heaven!!


I wanted to share with you about Atlanta Downtown Restaurant Week starts July 27 and goes through August 4 a great opportunity to eat some great food from restaurants you may not go to. The website is http://www.atlantadowntown.com/fun/restaurant-week and has a list of restaurants participating. You can eat for as little at $15 up to $35 and for sure will be going a few times myself!

Speaking of Restaurants…I went to Barcelona Wine Bar  on N. Highland in Atlanta on Saturday and I had some of the best tapas I have ever had. We had Sautéed Kale, Chorizo & Sweet-Sour Figs, Beet Salad, Marinated Shrimp, & Spiced Beef Empanadas! I think my best dish I had on that night was the Beet Salad and the Chorizo & Sweet-Sour Figs (Could have used a few more figs :-)) Image

Lastly, I want to invite everyone to Let’s Move! DeKalb on this Saturday from  10-3 at Exchange Park on Columbia Drive in Decatur,GA. The event is free, they will have lots of cool vendors & exhibits.  I will be teaching kids how to make healthy snack and sampling some of my Black Bean Brownies & Granola! They will be giving away Free School Supplies and lots of other goodies! Bring your kids!!!


Hope you enjoyed reading this blog! I will be posting more frequently and if you ever need Keyes In The Kitchen let me know! Let me know what you like about the blog! Would love to read some of your comments, thoughts, or suggestion! Always willing to answer any questions you may have!

Chef Ashley