Oh May!

I’m back…So I know its been a few weeks since I posted anything between work, catering, and just living life. I think my last post was when I was job hunting. I was really blessed to find a job that was just made for me. I am the Executive Chef at Midtown Athletic Club in Marietta, GA. I run the day-to-day operations of M Cafe which is part of the whole gym. Our menu is a variety of healthy sandwiches, salads, & smoothies and for the people who aren’t counting the calories we have the burgers, wings, fries. Every day I start off by making a fresh batch of soup, its amazing what I have made. Sooner or later I might become the next SOUP NAZI! I’m working on adding items to the menu such as fresh-baked muffins, special treats, sandwiches & salads. I love the members & staff there they are so nice and welcoming. I have now started working out on a regular basis after work and going to start personal training next month. Come by for lunch or to grab a snack and see me!

I still have to do the weekly cooking for my house which has become interesting ..I still have to have the “chef hat” on at the house. I never know where my mother is taking my food :-)! Last Night, I made Granola Bars-I was experimenting on two versions and will make some more tomorrow before I’m happy with them. For dinner they had Smothered Veal in Velouté Sauce, Cajun Rice, & Salad…It was gone in a matter of minutes! Tonight while blogging I made some chewy bars for a meeting I have tomorrow with some friends. I forgot to post pictures of Mother’s Day Dinner my sister & I did for my mother. We did a three course dinner starting with a Strawberry Harvest Salad, followed by Surf & Turf -Filet Mignon & Prawns with Asparagus Bundles & Garlic Mash. To end the evening we did a Carrot White Chocolate Molten Cake with Cheesecake Ice Cream! It was a great evening. Remember for every event you need Keyes In The Kitchen…Book Now!


Chef Ashley




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